How do I create a username and password?

To create a new username and password, complete the following steps:

  1. On an SP, press the white security button to the far right of the power button to put the SP in a special reset state (Figure 1).

    The amber SP fault light turns on.

    The special reset state gives you 15 minutes to reset the storage systemís security settings. This 15-minute window stays active until one of the following occurs:

    Figure 1 shows the security button on each SP (dual-SP system shown)

    Figure 1     Security button on each SP (dual-SP system shown)

  2. After 2 minutes, start Navisphere Express on the storage system:

    1. Open an Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Mozilla, on the management host.

    2. Enter the IP address of an SP in the storage system.

      This address is the one that you assigned when you initialized the storage system.

    3. Either log in to Navisphere Express as you normally would or without a username and password.

  3. In the navigation pane, under System, click Settings.

  4. In the System Settings pane, select User Management.

  5. Modify or create user accounts; then exit Navisphere Express.

    For detailed information on modifying or creating user accounts, refer to the Navisphere Express online help.

  6. Test the new credentials by restarting Navisphere Express and logging in to it with the new username and password.